Welcome to Ian Whyte Marketing

Ian Whyte

Hi Ian Whyte here,

Thanks for dropping by and checking out my site.  It’s early days at the moment so there is not a lot to see but time will tell as progress is made.

The main purpose of this site is to provide information and tools to help folk on their online journey.

We have all been there before – at the start of something new.

Perhaps you’re wondering how to make the next step. Or maybe looking for a tool or a shortcut that can help.

When we look around we can always spot those doing better than ourselves. And often think we can never achieve like them.

And herein lies the fundamental challenge we all run into …..

Comparing ourselves with others – when we should be looking at what we have done and achieved.

‘Others’ don’t give a toss about our situation so why should we be bothered about where we are. We just need to remember the paint advert which said – ‘Keep on Keeping On’

Two things come to mind here

‘You don’t know what you don’t know’ – so it’s alway good to maintain an enquiring mind and look for answers and new things

But … there is the obverse which is rarely talked about…

‘You know more than you think you do’

I first heard this phrase from a long term business friend shortly after being retrenched. I had served 20 years with a company when I and 40+ others were just let go. It was just past my 47th birthday.

Unfortunately my friend is no longer with us but his wise words have resonated with me for over 30 years.

So I would encourage any of you with self doubts not to compare yourself, just ignore the ‘others’ and continue to along your own path.

That’s enough by way of introduction. I trust that you find something useful here and that over time you achieve your online goals.

Talk again soon