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The offer consists of two products.

Front End: Start Working From Home

Upsell: Solve The Work From Home Challenge

Offer gives you
100% on the FE selling at $7
30% on the Upsell selling at $27

There are no downsells.

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Both PDF reports are aimed at folk interested in setting up to

Work From Home in the Make Money Online (MMO) niche

No fancy eCovers however the offer will appeal to anyone looking to start out in this niche.


Work From Home FE
Work From Home Upsell

Work From Home pdf

Work From Home Main

Contents FE

This 18 page PDF is an introductory report for how best to start setting up a Home Office. It will suit someone first starting out online. But will also be useful to any who has been displaced from there workplace to Work From Home. It covers a range of fundamental topics including….

Working At Home Basics Where To Start Market Options Suggested Markets
Suggetsed Activity Define Objectives Schedule Time Create Workspace
Reliable Technology Avoid Distractions Remaining Focused Communicate
Legal Financial Extra Curricula Items Attire


Contents Main

This 57 page PDF goes into the options available to someone wanting to start an Online Business. It deals with the fundamenatals and pitfalls facing anyone starting out.

It dispells the myth that there’s a ‘magic formula’ that will make you rich overnight.  It also addresses the issue of ‘Leaders,’ ‘True Leadership’ and cautions about involvement in a ‘Marketing System.’

Advantages of an online business together with an explanation of the types of Marketing Systems are dealt with. Next is a summary of tools and resources for developing a profitable business. The importance of absolute Integrity in business is emphasised.

A list resouces is provide to help new starters.

Business Fundamentals Basic Factors No Magic System Intelligence / Ability Are Not The Key
Online Advantages Other Business Models Aim of the PDF Leadership Issues
Marketing Systems Membership Marketing Systems Understanding Your Business Model Being Successful Online
What’s Needed To Profit Looking Closer Mentoring Integrity
Final Summary Resources

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A few email swipes that you may find useful

Work From Home JV Email #1

Subject Line: Get Set Up to Work Online From Home….
Subject Line: Create An Online Retirement Workspace At Home…
Subject Line: Set Up Your Online Work Station at Home…


Looking how to get set up to Work Online From Home.

Maybe you want to supplement your current income?

Maybe you’ve had enough of the 9 to 5. You just want to do something different.

Maybe you’re retired and need some added income ?

Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mum looking for a part-time or even
full-time venture.

On the other hand, maybe you just want to make some additional income?

Well this guide for setting up to Work Online From Home could be spot on for you.

It shows you how to best create your own home based, online workplace.

==>[Insert Your JV Link Here]

It’s up to you how much time you want to take to set it up.

It should only take a few hours to get setup properly so you can start Online.

Talk again soon

Work From Home JV Email #2

Subject: How to Start Working Online At Home


Setting up to Work From Home can be challenging when you start out.

Often you are doing it on your own – with a few skeptical by-standers to boot!

And your expectations are likely to be HIGH because all that you have seen.

So you’ve probably haven’t heard too many cautionary comments.

But, as you set up to Work From Home, the reality is generally different.

Much of what you’ve read online and received in emails is just plain B.S.

Because parts of the wonderful Internet, and much is wonderful, is like the ‘Wild West’

Which is why having a guide to help your setting up to Work From Home can be critical.

So take a look here ==>[Insert Your JV Link Here] for some real guidance.

This will help you avoid many of the common pitfalls we are all exposed to.

Things such as

==>Get-Rich-Overnight Offers

==>Phony Membership Sites

==>Lack of Product/Service to Sell

==>One click magic button

==>Domain Name Scams.

Staying clear of them is difficult and they often do you damage.

So here’s an option ==>[Insert Your JV Link Here] that points you in the right direction.

Make sure you check it out.

Talk again soon


Work From Home JV Email #3

Subject: Not Everything You’re Being Told about Working from Home is Simple


It’s tough to say but, much about Working Online At Home isn’t a picnic.

Because there really isn’t….

An Overnight Succss formula.

Any Secret Software solution…

A Magic Formula that’s revealed for the first time…

To put it simply…

There are no super shortcuts.

To have success, everyone has to put in the work first

And the good news is…

The way to start Working From Home ==>[Insert Your JV Link Here] is already mapped out for you.

Talk again soon

Work From Home JV Email #4

Subject Line: A Different Approach … A Different Result


Let’s shine some light on a few of common Work From Home shortcomings.

Not so much on ‘the doing’ it but on the approaches so often taken.

Many folk who want to ‘Work Online From Home’ never actually DO ANYTHING.

Now they might be ‘busy,’ spending hours online, but nothing constructive is achieved.

The same thing often happens in many areas of life.

Here is Australia we use the slang term GUNNA for someone like that.

I’m Gunna build a boat – but nothing happens
Gunna Travel overseas – but never leaves home
I’m Gunna this or that but they are all non-events.

You get the picture

A quote from Stephen King sums it well

Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration,
the rest of us just get up and go to work.“ – Stephen King.

Another facet of this is Procrastination – You’ll know the proverb

“Procratination is the thief of time”

So often these people struggle get things done.

Because, to use a nautical term

You can only steer a ship when it’s underway!

The same lines of thought applies to Working From Home too.

The best performers are those who have routines.

And stick to them fairly consistently

Because Results and Income don’t care if we’re inspired or not.

If we only sit down and do the work, day by day, income and results will come.

Remember this as you look to ==>[Insert Your JV Link Here] Start Working From Home!

Talk again soon


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